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The Road To acorn

The Irori was once the center of the home, a place where people would gather to eat, to stay warm around its fire, and to exchange stories around its shadows. This shared human experience has now become lost over time, buried in the memories of those who came before. But through change we can find new purpose.

The acorn tree that resides outside the restaurant helped define the name for Donguri Avenue and is a symbol of endurance to this area. And now acorn acts as a beacon deconstructing and reconstructing the definition of what modern Japanese cuisine can be. We bring the people of Niseko together through food of culinary excellence, while warming them using Japanese “Binchōtan” charcoal from the Irori that is at the center of the restaurant.

As people visit acorn, they will not only take with them a unique experience of human bonding and of sharing food, but also a sense of warmth that will, overtime, illuminate our community with a new sense of focus and inclusiveness.

Let this once-in-a-lifetime experience be a part of your journey that brightens your sense of belonging to the community of Niseko.

Welcome and make yourself warm.