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01 Concept

You think of winter and fall in love with snow.

You adore nature and fall in love with its many blessings.

Let this be a special part of your once-in-a-lifetime journey.

acorn will warm your heart and leave you
with memories that you'll treasure forever.


02 Reservations

Winter Collection 18-19 + Wine Pairing

Winter Collection 18-19

Drink only orders available from 9pm.




03 Food





05 Gallery


06 Access

170-175 Yamada, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan
TEL (+81)0136-55-6611


Yoko Aoyagi

Takeshi Nagashima
(Creative Director)

Born in 1979, he is the eldest son of a father from Osaka and a mother from Taiwan. He was raised in Japan.
He was inspired to pursue artistic cuisine the moment he saw a book from El Bulli's Ferran Adrià while working part-time at a Spanish restaurant.
After accumulating experience in Tokyo and Italy, he traveled across Spain and started working at El Bulli. After returning to Japan in 2012, he opened a restaurant called 81.
He was the owner and head chef.
He constantly thinks about how to approach each dish and ingredient and get the most out of them in the simplest way possible.
He strives to deliver not only delicious dishes, but dishes that will surprise and excite.

Yoko Aoyagi

Yoko Aoyagi
(Grand Chef)

She was born in 1989 near Sawaraku in Fukuoka.
She came from a family of farmers and was raised on the rice and vegetables they cultivated, so it was only natural that she'd develop an interest in food.
After accumulating experience in a Fukuoka hotel, she worked as part of the staff at an Italian restaurant produced by 81"s Takeshi Nagashima.
Deeply impressed by the freedom expressed in Nagashima's dishes, she made her way to Tokyo where she learned new ways to run a restaurant as Nagashima's right-hand person at 81.
Having inherited 81's DNA, she strives for simplicity and flavor in her day-to-day cooking.